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4 channel tracking module and Arduino example

The next module to take a look at is quite often entitled 4-CHANNEL LINE TRACKER SENSOR, thats exactly what it does the module consists of a main module and 4 little sensor/reciever modules that connect via a 3 pin cable

The 4-Channel Line Tracker sensor provides an easy way for line tracking. A line sensor is composed of a number cells and each cell is composed of a sender and a receiver. The particularity of this sender/receiver pair is that it sends light that shall be reflected by the line to be detected but not by the eventually opaque background surrounding this line. Any sender/receiver pair that is able to make a difference between a line and the rest of ground (of a different color) can be used in a line sensor.

VCC pin is connected to 5V , GND pin is connected to the GND, S1, S2, S3, and S4 pins are connected to the digital I/O pins 2 – 5 but you can use others


Smart car or a robot hunt (including black and white lines), walking path along the black line, also known as tracking.
Smart car to avoid obstacle and cliff, anti-drop.
Can be applied to other automation applications of photoelectric reflex.


Working voltage: DC 3.3V-5V
Working current: try to choose more than 1A power supply
Working temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Detection range: 1mm to 60cm adjustable, the closer the performance more stable, white reflects the farthest distance.
The output signal: TTL level (can be directly connected to I/0 microcontroller, infrared light reflected back to the sensor induction, the red indicator light, output low level; no infrared light, the indicator light does not shine, the output high.)

Module Schematic


Vcc - 5V
Gnd - 0V
IN1 - 4
IN2 - 5
IN3 - 6
IN4 - 7
int sensorPin1 = 4;
int sensorPin2 = 5;
int sensorPin3 = 6;
int sensorPin4 = 7;
int sensorValue1 = 0;
int sensorValue2 = 0;
int sensorValue3 = 0;
int sensorValue4 = 0;
void setup() 
void loop() 
 sensorValue1 = digitalRead(sensorPin1); 
 sensorValue2 = digitalRead(sensorPin2); 
 sensorValue3 = digitalRead(sensorPin3); 
 sensorValue4 = digitalRead(sensorPin4); 
 Serial.print("Sensor 1 ");  
 Serial.print("Sensor 2 ");  
 Serial.print("Sensor 3 ");  
 Serial.print("Sensor 4 ");  


Open the serial monitor – block and unblock the sensors

Sensor 1 0
Sensor 2 0
Sensor 3 0
Sensor 4 0
Sensor 1 0
Sensor 2 0
Sensor 3 0
Sensor 4 0
Sensor 1 1
Sensor 2 1
Sensor 3 1
Sensor 4 1



F233-01 Four-way infrared tracing / 4 channel tracking module / transmission line / obstacle avoidance / car / robot sensors


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