ProtoSnap development board

The ProtoSnap is an Arduino-compatible development platform aimed at teaching the basics of Arduino programming as efficiently as possible. It does not require any assembly, wiring, or soldering, so you can jump right into programming the ProtoSnap to control LEDs, buzzers, light sensors, and more. There’s even a small prototyping space so you can add your own parts!

Here is a picture of the board

Of course as the boards can be snapped apart once you have finished doing some practice development you can use the boards individually, here’s what you get

1 x Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16MHz
1 x FTDI Basic Breakout 5V
1 x Buzzer
1 x Light Sensor
1 x Push Button
1 x Protoboard

The breakouts connect to various Arduino pins, here is a table which shows these pins, so as you can see its quite easy to use the various inputs and outputs and modify existing examples

What Arduino pin is each component connected to?
Component Pin Arduino Pin
Button 7
Light Sensor A0
Green LED 5
Blue LED 6
Red LED 3
Buzzer 2


Lets look at some code examples



Flash the RGB led various colors

int redPin = 3;  // red RGB LED
int greenPin = 5;  // green RGB LED
int bluePin = 6;  // blue RGB LED
void setup() 
  /* set all LED pins as outputs */
  pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(bluePin, OUTPUT);
void loop() 
       color(255,0,255); //turn the RGB LED green            
       color(255,255,0); //turn the RGB LED blue          
       color(0,0,255); //turn the RGB LED yellow            
       color(0,0,0); //turn the RGB LED white            
       color(128,255,0); //turn the RGB LED purple            
       color(255,255,255); //turn the RGB LED off            
void color (unsigned char red, unsigned char green, unsigned char blue)
     analogWrite(redPin, 255-red);   
     analogWrite(bluePin, 255-blue);   
     analogWrite(greenPin, 255-green);   



This product is actually discontinued on Sparkfuns website but you can still obtain it – here’s a source, costs about $15

7in1 ProtoSnap Pro Mini ATMEGA328P & TEMT6000 & FTDI Basic FT232RL For Arduino

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